The Southern Nevada Lacrosse Association is organized and maintained to promote, grow, shepherd, govern, and protect the sport of Lacrosse at the youth, middle school, and high school levels, throughout Southern Nevada.

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High School Awards and Information

The US Lacrosse Men’s Game All-American Awards/Recognition process itself is maintained by the US Lacrosse Men’s Game Coaches Subcommittee and administered locally by the High School Area Chairmen. The subcommittee, through the Area Chairmen, oversees the selection of seven (7) awards categories. Each Area is required to participate in each of these seven categories:

  • All-American
  • All-Academic
  • Coach of the Year
  • Assistant Coach of the Year
  • Man of the Year (Area and National)
  • Bob Scott Award 

Click here to view the High School Area Chairman Awards Handbook


Congratulations to all the 2014 US Lacrosse Post-Season Award Winners


All Americans
Zachary Taylor - Bishop Gorman Gaels (D)-Depauw University

Henry Allen - Bishop Monague (A)-Sierrra Nevada
Justin Andersen - Bulldogs (M)- University of North Carolina
Grant Gravitt - Faith Crusaders (A)- Denver University

Academic All Americans
 Jeremy Mitchell Huber - Panthers (M)

Samuel Moody - Bulldogs (A)

Coach of the Year 
Tavis John Martin-Liberty

Assistant Coach of the Year
Kevin Makowski-Green Valley Gators

Man of the Year
Ian Devlin-Bishop Gorman Gaels

Bob Scott Award
Kyle Smith (M)- Bishop Gorman Gaels

Nevada Women's 2014 US Lacrosse Award Winners

All Americans
Jessica Cook - Centennial
Haley Anderson - Coronado

Academic All Americans
Rebecca Dunne - Bishop Gorman
Dacia Persky - Bishop Gorman
Emily Lower - Bishop Gorman
Whitney Werksman - Bishop Gorman
Rachel Brown - Bishop Gorman
Devinne Hart - Coronado
Erika Ohki - Coronado
Maddy Jaramillo - Faith Lutheran
Krystal Peterson - Faith Lutheran
Jessica Cook - Centennial
Hailey Stolworthy - Centennial
Kelsey Mao - Centennial




Past US Lacrosse Award Winners:


All Americans
Zachary Taylor- Bishop Gorman Gaels (D)-Depauw University
Henry Allen- Bishop Monague (A)-Sierrra Nevada
Justin Andersen- Bulldogs (M)- University of North Carolina
Grant Gravitt- Faith Crusaders (A)- Denver University


Justin Anderson - Bulldogs (M) – (Junior) North Carolina
Keiran Eissler - Cougars (M) - John Hopkins Univ.
Justin Anderson - Bulldogs (M) - Sophomore
Keiran Eissler - Cougars (M) - Junior
Halston "Jet" Harding - Cougars (M) 
Michael Morse - Bulldogs (D) - High Point Univ. 
2010 -
2009 - 
2008 - Jarod Peters - Henderson (D) - Mississippi

Academic All Americans

2014- Jeremy Mitchell Huber - Panthers (M)
2014 -Samuel Moody - Bulldogs (A)
2013 - Ryan Hess - Faith Lutheran Crussaders (D)
2012 - Blake Muscelli - Bishop Gorman Gaels (M) 
2011 - Rudy Gerson -  Cougars (M)
2010 - Colton Muri - Green Valley Gators  (M)
2009 -
2008 - Dustin Dresel - Bulldogs (D) - Pepperdine Univ.


Coach of the Year 

2014-Tavis John Martin-Liberty 
2013 - Gary Campo - Panthers

2012- Parker Bauman - Green Valley Gators
2011 - Matthew Smith - Spring Valley Grizzlies
2010 - Tom Mitchell - Green Valley Gators
2009 - 
2008 - Dan Coronel - Legacy Longhorns


Assistant Coach of the Year

2014-Kevin Makowski-Green Valley HS
2013 - Jason Griggs - Cougars
2012 - Jason Griggs - Cougars

2011 - Joseph Petrelli - Cougars

Man of the Year

2014- Ian Devlin-Bishop Gorman Gaels
2013 - Don Krueger - Bulldogs
2012 - John Scott - Green Valley Gators
2011- Dan Coronel 
2010 - John White - Panthers
2009 -
2008 - John Fildes - Faith Lutheran Crusaders


Bob Scott Award
2014- Kyle Smith (M)- Bishop Gorman Gaels
2013 - Kieran Eissler (M) - Cougars
2012 - Danny White (D) - Faith Lutheran Crusaders


To learn more about US Lacrosse Awards, visit their website - click here